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Everything you thought about hard drives...


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...is false. Two very interesting articles were written about hard disks in the last week.


One is from Google. They analyzed about 100,000 disk drives. Their results are surprising to say the least. Briefly MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)

MTBF figures are just like any other storage performance statistic: it's a miracle if you see them in real life.

SMART is not smart etc. You can read the full study here (pdf), or read a brief summary here.


The second article is from Bianca Schroeder of CMU's Parallel Data Lab. She also looked at 100,000 drives including HPC clusters at Los Alamos and the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center, as well as several unnamed internet services providers. She also had some very interesting experiences: costly enterprise drives are not at all more reliable than the drives we use. RAID 5 is not safe etc.


You can read the full study here, or read a brief summary here.


source: hup.hu

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Backup is the only logical method. RAID might be necessary for 24/7 running, but backup cannot be replaced for data safety.

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