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Astromenace is ready!

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Ubuntu Gamers Arena - News Section


Yes. Version 1.0 is out. The game which is free (as in beer) for linux users, but windows users have to pay to play it.

Also see Ubuntu Gamers Arena's Interview with Michael Kurinnoy the man behind Astromenace. Michael Kurinnoy have set up apt repository for Ubuntu users for easy access.

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Graphic is great, so is the gameplay. The idea of buying ships or/and upgrading weapons/engines/special weapons is good in an arcade game, it gives the genre a some new perspective. Also that you need to buy ammo and repair is nice. Each episode is a following story of the previous you completed so you actually get a feeling of a storyline. It's almost like Starfighter (if you tried that), but much better in every aspect.

Also it's easy to make your own episodes I read somewhere.

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