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View Error Messages [solved]


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My friends told met that if you want to view the error messages for your system, you should went to /var/log/messages and /var/log/syslog. Unfortunately, i can"t open this file to view it. I have try to log in as root and open it but the console display an error messages which is permission denied. I have run out of idea. Could anyone please help me on this. Your help will greatly appreciated by me and others.



Thanks for your help.



Hope GOD will blessed you.

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You could also start (whilst being logged in as normal user) start a terminal (Gnome-terminal, Terminal, rxvt, etc -- no shortage of alternatives), then become root for that terminal via "su" and then use tail /var/log/messages to see the last 10 lines (or tail -20 for 20 etc). Another good trick is tail -f /var/log/messages which will 'follow' (hence the -f) the log-file -- will update the output if the file grows.


Just some ideas. If you want to be fancy there is also multi-tail (which allows clever filtering, multiple windows in a terminal etc) or you could use logdrake, also known as the 'View and Search' program from the control center (it is uner system).

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