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Mandriva One 2007 Gnome - Metisse Inside!


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I downloaded it 2 days ago and tested yesterday night.


I am completely disappointed about this live cd.


1) It does not display anywhere the boot options if there are any.


2) Once i get to the desktop nothing works. I press "My computer" nothing. I press "applications" nothing. Maybe after 5 or 6 seconds something starts to reveal.


3) I have tried it in three different laptops (Mine with ATI Radeon 9200 Mobility, Another one with Intel graphics, and another one with Nvidia 7300go. The same thing occurs as described in #2


4) GNOME; Why not KDE; Anyway this is not a problem.


I have already checked the Mandriva image with md5 checksum. Everything seems ok.


Any ideas;


Thank you.

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For 2: AFAIK ATI 9200 support has been dropped from the official driver. Your problem seems to be driver related to me. It's just plain slow if I got it right. Apart from the bad or missing driver this is a live CD it is much faster after installation.

3. Metisse doesn't support fully KDE yet. Full KDE support is expected from KDE 4.

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LiveCD's are always slow. They don't have the luxury of having the fast hard drive platters to quickly spin around and get data from. They have to load everything into a fake file system created inside your RAM. Short and skinny: LiveCD's are always lagging in speed/response due to the nature of the technology.

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Probably I didnt make myshelf pretty clear.


Its not going slow because it is goind to read the data from the cd. I dont know how to describe it exactly but imagine this:


1) You have a single core CPU 2500+ Athlon


2) You have folding@home real time priority


3) You try to open "My Computer"


What will happen? It wont open unless you are lucky and it takes 30 seconds to open.


I say the above to describe how my computer responds when I try to click on something. If it loads from the cd and delays i will notice. And I have already tried many live cds. (PC LinuxOS has saved me a couple of times.)


As for the driver? What can I say! The FAQ says that even a RIVA TNT is working. And the other laptop with Nvidia card w/ Wide screen (high end one) was as slow as mine.


What could go wrong?

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Tyme is right. After reading all the other forums, my understanding is that the recent Mandriva 2007 One Metisse Gnome CD is a quick to release not much if at all tested release put out there to get feedback as they plan to have Metisse available in the upcoming Mandriva 2007 Spring release.

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