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alsa-1.0.14 rc2

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I just noticed that when i was adding the rc1 rpms alsa-project was unreachable

so no when i finished the rc1 rpms i noticed that rc2 was just released

im updating my dkms based alsa rpms at once

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Guest AndrewL733



Thanks for building these RPMs. I have a question about upgrading to alsa-1.0.13 or 1.0.14 rc2. At least the 1.0.13 rpms you made included a dkms-alsa-driver. I believe Mandriva 2007 does not use dkms for the alsa driver. What is the correct procedure for "upgrading" from the included Mandriva packages to the 1.0.13 or 1.0.14 packages? Is it possible to simply Upgrade? Will Smart uninstall the Mandriva 2007 packages and put the dkms-alsa-driver in its place?


Then, somewhat unrelated -- do you know if alsa 1.0.14 includes real support for the Mac Book Pro. I have Mandriva 2007 running on it great, except for sound and mousepad right clicking. My sound only comes out of one speaker, mic doesn't work (all related to improper pin configs in snd-hda-intel driver) and I haven't figured out how to get right clicking yet. But do you know about whether the new alsa fixes the sound issues?


Thanks for your time.



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the msart system takes care of everything needed when upgarding kernel drivers

it moves the original drivers to a backup and moves in the new ones

and when uninstalling it puts the original drivers back in place

so the correct procedure is to just install the dkms-alsa-driver

the dkms-alsa-driver is available as rc1 and rc2 for 2007 32 bit and only as rc1 for 64 bit yet there is some problems that i havo to solve for that first

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