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Audi's new luxury cars engineered on Linux


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on the flip side, I will never be buying a ford again........ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6240479.stm

I never would've bought a ford to begin with, this is just one more reason not to! :D


Yeah, my parents put me off the idea of ever buying one with the stories of the electrical faults that Ford acknowledged, but never recalled the affected cars to fix it :unsure:


And Fiat's as well it seems :P


I've had two punto's, trading my current one in a part exchange for a 3 year old Astra, never buying a Fiat again, they are cheap for a reason!!!

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I've got a Fiat Punto as a company car :o (Punto converted with no back seats with one helluva boot! - not quite a van, but effectively a van - just still got the back windows).


Actually, it's being exchanged for an Opel Astra now, I've only had it (Fiat) a couple of months now. And the Astra is being passed down from someone else and it's 5 years old with 200,000km on it. Fiat has about 133,000km, but the Astra must be better. 1.6 versus 1.2 for a start.

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