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kaffeine 0.8.1 DVB and Recording CODECS...

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I have recently played around with a DVB-T TV card (hauppauge nova-T) and have excellent results with Linux, poor results with windoze, yeepee!! But I knew that would happen...


We use it to record our favourite programs (planet earth etc..) and our goal is to then burn the file on a DVD and play it on our 32'' LCD TV with digital quality.


So far here is what I do :


Record the program with kaffeine

Transcode the .m2t file to a DVD format file with Tovid (mpg DVD video and sound compliant)

Burn the DVD using Varsha (excellent program never failed me!)


When recording with Kaffeine, I have a choice of three formats : TS, MPEG_PES and MPEG_PS. I can t find anywhere a difference between those, nor can idvid if I test an already recorded file.


Any idea? I need a video expert!





Stef :unsure:

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I don't know for sure, I've just tried googling all types, the last one I did with "ts video coding".


This seemed to show mpeg4, maybe this would be a good one. All I can say, is try each format, when you have the final mpeg, to try and play in both Linux and Windows and see which one works best.

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Thnks Ian! I am doing a lot of experimenting and so far TS seems the best. Encoding-wise, tovid -dvd -wide -quality 10 -ffmpeg -force gives me the best result, a DVD-like quality...


I found out also that TS stands for transcaling so I ll look into that as well. A lot can be found on http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=96059





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Actually, TS in this case stands for Transport Stream. An MPEG TS file is one that combines several video mpeg and audio streams together with time synchronization information. This is the native format of cable and over-the-air HD broadcasts in North America. PES stands for Program Elementary Stream and is usually either a single video stream or a single audio stream. PS stands for Program Stream and may contain one or more PES streams (usually a video stream and its accompanying audio stream).


I typically record raw MPEG TS files from over-the-air HD programs to DVD or DVD DL disks and then play them back on my HD TV using Kaffeine.



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