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Show Off Your Desktop December 2006


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who ever made that window border theme appears to have had some trouble getting the edges right (unless they wanted that uneven pixalized look :D)
Mac users are so annoying...


/me looks at the his Mac and pads it gently. B)

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hhhheeeerrrreeeee's a screeny. with the background i posted earlier. themed os x with shapeshifter (i bought a license like 3 years ago when I had my iBook).


[as always, click for larger image]


adium...colloquy...and of course Terminal with a personalized bash prompt.

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My desktop of the moment! :D


Darkscot Desktop


Uuhhmmmmm, not so sure about the bush x 2 pic...... :unsure:

I'm sure about it. It's verry funny.


It's political.....


Don't start that again ! All I see there is a simple desktop image...


And besides, it's kind of ok with mods and admins...


Start what???? It was a valid point IMHO

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