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used urpmi to get updates and now no GUI

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Hello everyone.


After installing mandriva powerpack 2007 from 2006 everything seemed to work fine. Then I got onto a mandriva chat channel while using xchat and one of the guys told me I should update all my packages, so I went to easyurmpi website and I clicked all the boxes and pasted that into my console, well it seemed to uninstall my graphics card drivers that were working fine before from doing a upgrade using 2007 powerpack.


I'm running a 6800 Gt nvidia geforce 256meg graphics card. The default files mandriva 2007 installs for the graphics card (generic graphics card drivers) work but the upgraded ones didn't it seems.


Now when I start up linux it will boot everything up fine until its time to go to the login screen.

From there the screen gets scrambled and i try alt + alt + blackspace but no fix.


I then tried to log in with failsail isntead of a GUI, and when i typed in startx and it says IO excpetion (0.0) and talks about the nividia drivers, and some GLX I think it said.


Any ideas how I can get this fixed? I am a total n00b with linux i just had alot of stuff on my linux harddrive, and i don't want to loose it all by doing a clean install.



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Easiest way is if you set up main/contrib/updates/plf-free/plf-nonfree from easyurpmi to do this:


urpmi dkms-nvidia


sit back, let it download/install then reboot and your all sorted.

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