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Guest gg4

9.1 Final

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Counterspy wrote:

Never feel sorry for not spending money you don't have. The guilt trip that Mandrakesoft tries to lay on its users is positively sickening and you would not find that kind of behaviour in many other businesses.


How many businesses can you name that let you copy all of their stuff for free?

Don't start with RedHat, they are more a service company with their own distro than a distromaker. SuSE is not freely copyable. Any other companies?

Ok, it did/does sound more than a bit pathetic, but positively sickening, no.


I agree: never feel sorry for not spending money that you don't have. Or even for money that you do have if you don't feel like it and if you don't have to, legally.


MottS wrote:

My budget allow me to support Mandrake but I don't see why I would pay for something that is fundamentally free.

Because you enjoy it and want to increase the possibility of being able to enjoy it in the future?

BTW as a club member, you get some things that you don't get otherwise, (voting, extra packages etc) so there is a plus. Not a big one, maybe... ;)


This product is given away under the GPL and I don't have to feel cheap to not support Mandrake. If they really want to make money they can still swith to a more restrictive licence. In that case I could get a key_gen on astalavista.com or eDonkey or KaZaA like I did with Winboooz. Anyway, since the core software (Linux) is under the GPL I don't think they could restrict the license even more.

There I don't think so, just look at SuSE. (Or lindowsOS, xandros etcetc) It's very easy to include something proprietary (and Mdk has had loads of opportunities, from Frozen-bubble to the draketools and wizards).


On the other hand, MottS, you are supporting Mandrake more than you think. Just by answering questions on this forum, the community around Mandrake becomes pleasant for newbies. So you are possibly worth more like this than a customer buying a pack or becoming member but never talking about it or so...

I could actually think the same about me, I got 5 colleagues to use Mandrake, several are now supporting Mandrake financially, and often they come to me for tips (and I to them, so the synergy is working, which proves to me it was a smart move to go for a distro that you can pass around unlike SuSE), I'm helping out friends etcetc.


There are more ways that lead to Rome.

If you can't afford clubmembership, but you do have some time, you could help other people out with their problems (IRL or on this and other forums), help friends install mandrake, download and burn the cds for them, send bugreports etc. All of that is very beneficial to Mandrake.


There is no guilt if you don't send any money in any way to Mandrake, as MottS said, it's free software.


On the other hand, to those who didn't do any of the above things that helps Mandrake, you have no-one but yourself to blame if mandrake goes bust and you feel bad because you would have liked to continue to use it....



The reason I would like Mandrake to succeed is simple: it proves the Open Source business model can work. Mandrake was once profitable, and chances are it will be again.

I think that OSS is the way to go, to be able to be in control, and not be controlled. More users/marketshare are needed, everyone moving to linux (whatever flavour) counts. This is only important to me so there will be enough incentive for companies to make drivers available for linux and to make native games available, so I can use (almost) any hardware on my favorite free platform that's under my control, and play the games that I may want to play.

And I would like mandrake to succeed and not LindowsOS or Xandros or whatever, since they are not OSS. (And not RH, since they always stated they don't believe in linux on the desktop/for the home user, contrary to Mandrake, but when they saw Mandrake getting a nice marketshare they changed their tune...)


BTW I only started contributing financially once I really moved away from that other OS and my linux setup was nicer/better/easier to use and less of a hassle in terms of administration overhead.

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Talking about money, for the people from europe: the dollar is VERY weak, that means an extra 10 euro discount for the pre-ordered MDK 9.1 ( With the club-discount and the euro-discount you get the 9.1 powerpack for the price of a 9.0 standaard pack from last year )

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Very good value for club-members of which I am one!


I think they should charge a nominal fee to download. They give it away for free just a bit too easy. Charge $10 for the newest release and give the old release away. I think Libranet does this.


AND For me this forum is the reason to choose Mandrake. It's also the reason I reccomend Mandrake to those who are interested. I know that there is help available.


For goodness sake theres even help available here for the occasional Red Hat or SuSe user!


I've lost count of the time that the docs were in chinese or the man pages were indecipherable but somebody here knew what to do.


I consider myself a newbie who has got as far as "I can follow the instructions if I concentrate hard" this place is invaluable.

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Guest JaseP

As for why you should pay for something that is effectively free...


How about this: convenience.


Downloading takes forever, even on a broadband connection. A boxed copy gives you the CDs without any ISO burning hassles.


You could get all of the stuff that's in Mandrake for yourself, but you'd have to hunt for it.



How about another: the non-free component


There are proprietary apps and such on the Mandrake CDs. One example is StarOffice, which you get with the Power Pack copy. Additionally, there are plenty of demos and such as well as proprietary drivers that you'd have to get for yourself otherwise (nVidia, ATI).


Then again, $78 (US) is a lot of cash to pay every year for your OS. As for me, I'd get a copy of Mandrake that was stable and supported all my hardware, and just use THAT until my hardware needed upgrading and new drivers and install routines were needed.

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So is Friday the day?? They are running a story at PCLO that it is pretty much done. I think they have even compiled, not sure tho, the post on cooker was kinda cryptic (or perhaps it wasn't, maybe I just don't understand it.) Anyway, does anyone know when it will be on the mirrors?

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