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Competition idea?

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The irony is ... the name of the logo... Opensource matters.... and the SW used to make the logo seems to be a mockery ... not only is it using a closed source app but its producing a corrupt JPEG as well with extended non standard attributes. (So it can be reedited in Fireworks as a native Fireworks jpg)

yeah true. but it's possible that the site was professionally built, or that someone was simply using what they felt comfortable with.


I'm against closed software. I dislike it, I think we'd be better off without it. However I have nothing against people who use it.


To disallow people using it, is restricting their own freedom to choose. In the end, computers exist to perform tasks, and people should be free to use what they like to complete that task most efficiently. Whoever made that logo may dislike the GIMP, and a lot of people do -- so long as they have a fair reason, go for it, use fireworks or photoshop. (although they could use Krita, but so little know about that wonderful app, which is just as good as gimp)

Iphitus... I agree totally .. my main point is ... well the name of the website and the logo....


www.opensource matter's is a Joomla site, indeed OpenSource Matters is the umbrella charity for Joomla.


anyway, Ill get to that later...


as for creative stuff, that's more how creative you are, rather than the tools you use. if you have the idea, you ought to be able to construct it in krita or gimp.

Exactly my point....

Although many of the templates cannot be.. GIMP just isn't up to the job... when you see the actual images in the templates you can see why... because they are seamlessly split to fit into the page and look like 1 graphic.

now here's something to think about:

why should krita/the gimp support all the layout systems of closed source applications?


Instead start from the start using krita/the gimp to develop your layout? THAT is supporting open source, not using a closed implementation in an open app. Export to png from gimp, and then use some basic image magick commands to cut it up.


otoh, you're site is fundamentally flawed if you're relying on images to that extent, and it'd probably have some pretty nasty issues.


However what I'm interested in is just how far we can go in OS tools...


This also got me thinking about KDE themes and Gnome themes... how many of these are photoshop/fireworks etc?


less and less, a majority of the used themes now aren't pixmap/vector. We're tending back to pure engine based themes, which means they use a basic theme description text file, and the engine, written in C for GTK, C++ for QT does all the rendering - no image files.


anything i've seen done in a pixmap/vector theme, could be done in krita/the gimp/inkscape. (choose your own sentences!) If they've been done in a closed source app, it's simply been because of the personal preference and comfort of the designer... which relates back to above :)




if you do a Joomla install it comes with

two pre-defined templates..


/var/www/linuxmigrations/templates/rhuk_solarflare_ii/images$ ls -l



All of these images are made with Fireworks... and the included templates are from a COMPETITION (hence the name of the thread)

Now its just my book but when you are a charity called OpenSource matters and name your product (fullname) Joomla OpenSource CMS then .... everything you just said ....


I mean come on.... at least one of the included templates should have been made with OpenSource tools????


However I don't agree that any of the graphics can be done with Gimp or Krita ... I thought I could but you don't get quite the same in terms of 3D textures as Photoshop or fireworks.... and it takes 10x longer to achieve nearly the same but not quite...


However what I want to challenge is that nearly.... I want to see how far opensource apps can go... :D

I am certain that some templates could be made using only opensource tools from scratch that would look just as effective by using different techniques...

I have nothing against including 2 categories... one using opensource tools and one without...

hence my idea here....

Lets compare the BEST of the BEST... a KDE/Gnome theme in Photoshop vs one in OpenSource tools :D for instance...




note: edited by tyme to fix quotes



Thanks... I came back to fix it and you already did it ...

Edited by Gowator

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