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multiple users and compiz / xgl / aiglx


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I'm having trouble to get all users on my system the compiz / xgl experience.


Seems for my main user it works, then for all others it won't.


A friend of mine was having the same problem, he said it would work if he switched compiz/xgl off for one user, he could subsequently turn it on for another.


Mind you, I'm not talking about user switching, just having more than one regular user defined, booting, logging in as one such user, logging off, logging in as another user - it should be possible to have the 3d desktop for both.


Does anyone know which user files and which system files are involved? (I guess it should be in the drak3d program ....)


Do others also have this issue? Is there a solution?

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Thanks Spiny, I saw that info, but it seems to me like that's a different issue - I can log off and on again, no problem.


And I have restarted X a number of times in between the logging in, I had to modify the xorg.conf for my dual monitor setup with xgl (which works fine for me, but the second monitor doesn't have a wm or desktop; I only need it to play my videos since it's my projector...).


But anyway, I'll have a look if this :93.0 lock is there after logging off...

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Yes, sure you can play movies on the second head without wm.


For kicks, kill kwin when in standard (non compiz) kde - make sure you can start it again, you won't be able to make any window active, so make sure you have a terminal window active...


Or with compiz, if video plays too slow but used to be playable on the same machine without compiz, you can play it on :0.0 instead of :93.0, it will be on top entirely, but not drain your resources.


Back to my issue: the errata page is about an AIGLX bug, I'm using XGL / nvidia.

So this bug is not the issue for me, there's something else wrong....

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Okay, my mistake - it was that same issue; I misread the /tmp/.X[something] for /tmp/X[something] -- note the dot . in those filepaths.


So deleting the /tmp/.X93-lock file and the /fmp/.X11-unix/X93 (s device?) file after logging off on the terminal did the trick, so I now have to implement the fix.

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