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Fedora Core 6 is officially out


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This has already been announced in another thread, don't see that it is appropriate for a portal page on a Mandriva site, but that's just my opnion. I will note that there has been a serious slow down on the i386 dvd now, i'm now getting speeds approx 1/8th slower than just after release at 14:00 GMT.


Oh, and here's the orginal announcement I received earlier:


Subject: Announcing Fedora Core 6 (Zod)


This is the announcement of Zod. Zod permits you to call him "Fedora Core



Tremble, Earthlings, for Zod is released from the confines of testing. Zod

intends to hammer the servers of the world ... starting TODAY! For those

who chose the world-domination-acceptance package in your last

installation, you need do nothing -- Zod is beaming itself to your

computers already. If your keyboard begins to get hot, back away ... very

... slowly ...


For the rest of you minions who failed to do Zod's bidding previously,

this is your ONE AND ONLY CHANCE to redeem yourself. Go quickly! Download

the torrent NOW. Obtain the ISO immediately. Zod's minions know to back up

their /home directory and to begin immediate installation of the GREATEST

version of Fedora Core EVER.


When you are done genuflecting, listen carefully. Zod now delivers an

important message to Zod's predecessor, the Fifth Iteration of Fedora

Core, known to some as Bordeaux:


"KNEEL BEFORE ZOD, for Zod has many improvements that convince users to

upgrade and abandon you! Ph34r me! Mwahahahaha."


Zod accepts that the Fedora Project continues to provide software and

security updates for Bordeaux, as per the policy of Zod's minions. Zod

chooses to permit this action to continue.


Those who would understand Zod must begin here:





Massive downloading of Zod is known to melt servers worldwide, so Zod

commands all who are able to use bittorrent.




For other ways to get Zod, read http://www.redhat.com/fedora/



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This has already been announced in another thread,

You should have sent it to the news IMHO that's why it is.

don't see that it is appropriate for a portal page on a Mandriva site, but that's just my opnion.
Since the board supports other distros not just Mandriva and there are many users here who use more than one distros it is very appropiate.
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Since reivers was posted first, you should have seen this before posting. This is regardless of where reiver posted it.


Maybe reiver could have used Portal News, but since this site is mainly Mandriva, I can understand why he didn't put it on there. But as you say, since we support multiple distros, it can easily be placed there, and perhaps should be.


You could have always brought it to the attention of reiver, instead of posting the same information twice! It's easy for a post to be moved, than duplicate stuff. No-one brought it to our attention, or anyone complained that it should be in Portal News. And Everything Linux is relevant too. It's a 50/50 thing ;)

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the question is did dexter actually see reiver's post? if it was not then no harm in having two different posts about it since they could be merged or something. more job for the slackers called :evilmod:

That's what search is for ;)



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That's what search is for ;)

yup, and the view new posts feature should also cover it but lets give allowance to the excitement factor. the duplicate posts is not yet a problem so i think we can let it slide for now and just be contented on soft reminders. btw, im reading too much in this thread so my question still stands. :)



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As Portal News is a new idea here, we don't have hard and fast rules yet.


We haven't replaced Everything Linux with the new forum. News items should be short (although you may link to something substantial) and likely to be of interest to visitors to the portal. We don't want essays or anything too esoteric on the portal itself.


As they appear on the front page, we reserve the right to reformat and correct any obvious errors in the text: we want to give a good impression to our visitors.


So far, we have published everything that's been posted in the forum. If you see something in another of our forums, that you think would be suitable, please suggest it to the poster rather than post something similar.


None of the above is a criticism of dexter11, who has gone out of his way to make this idea a success. :)

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