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Fedora Core 6 (Zod)

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It's funny, he says you have to build it yourself, yet Mandy have one, and nobody has said anything against this. Of course, it's probably in plf-nonfree which kind of covers that area. Dag probably has a problem because he might be seen as providing it on his site.



Right, some people care more about certain laws than others and would rather play it safe. ;)

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Hmm... let's put it this way: Certain people have their servers in a place where it is convenient to care about the laws enforced in that country and thus play it safe. Other countries = other laws = other software allowed on servers without breaking laws.


On a sitenote: I haven't installed any proprietary stuff except flash for mozilla on my fedora box (well, firefox installed it itself...) and I don't miss all that proprietary media-stuff. Impressive! The music stuff I use is in ogg format. ;)

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