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KDE 3.1 installed, BUT...


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Got KDE 3.1 installed but when trying to boot into its own window manager, I can not get past the splash screen to the desktop. It gets to the point it says "KDE is up and running" then freezes with xconsole showing the services that are running (which I never had that there before).


Programs such as kword, kwrite run in gnome and say they are running in KDE 3.1.0


Installed are these:















I tried deleting temp files and the desktop, but that did not work and I guess I am lucky I did not mess things up any more. Oh boy, what did I do (or didn't do) ?



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I see four files that are missing that may be needed:





Try installing these and see if it will launch successfully.

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Try removing (or better yet - renaming) anything in your home directory that starts with .kde, or .DCOP...


I have had my machine hang at startup, and it was because something in one of these folders was horked.


Unfortunately, you'll lose your customization, but heck, you're gonna be fiddling with it so much anyway, it won't be too much of a loss.


Good luck... KDE 3.1 sounds a little too rough for me to try it yet... I use my machine too much to be screw up KDE. I'll wait till they get it right.

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I have been trying those missing files without any luck.

With urpmi kdedebase-servicemenu I got:

Installation failed:

file /usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/convertpstopdf.desktop from install of kdebase-servicemenu-1.0-6mdk conflicts with file from package kdebase-3.1-7tex

I gonna try removing the .kde and .DCOP files now. I think maybe the customizing I've done is part of the problem here because sometimes I get my liquid widgets and sometimes I don't and I think this should force the desktop to rebuild. If this happened on my mac --- My first choice would be its rebuild desktop option on bootup.


If this doesn't work I think I may try building KDE from source --- don't got much more to lose at this point, do I?


Meanwhile I have installed fluxbox and am kinda liking it. At least I have another working window manager to fall back on. I just need to find a file browser to use in place of konqueror (this seems to be only KDE app not working)

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I think you need to install his kdebase-3.1-8tex.i586.rpm file along with kdebase-servicemenu-1.0-6mdk.noarch.rpm

That should do it. Install both at the same time with urpmi.


Be sure the corresponding versions of lisa and quanta are installed.

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Think I found the culprit --- qt3. I think I am caught between two conflicting qt versions.


I backtracked and got KDE 3.0.5a reinstalled, but the "look and feel" stuff acts really goofy now. I noticed my qt is version 3.0.x, but the qt libraries are still 3.1.1. I also seen something on the KDE site that qt3.1.x is needed, but this was not listed in the requirements lists I had found for KDE 3.1


I have rebuilt the the newer autoconf and automake rpms as well and will upgrade these and my qt later tonight and attempt this one more time. I really didn't like the default look that I seen so far --- it was "too X Pretty" for me, but I was just hoping it would run a bit smoother. I imagine I will find a theme I will like if I get it running.


Thanks for the help, and I will still fiddle with that fluxbox paul.

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