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misfitpierce: Where did you get that weather thingie? I like your background too.


It's from superkaramba and the liquidweather (?!? might be different name in case I remember wrong) applet. I used to have it in KDE on my system at home, before it switched to Gnome.

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Yes its liquidweather inside superkaramba... As for the wallpaper I believe I found it on kde-look.org.... Deviantart.com also has some nice wallpapers... Thanks for the rating :)


EDIT: Here is link to wallpaper, It's called night...






There is NIGHT II which looks pretty nice = http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/N...I?content=35571

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Not too familiart with KDe just started KDE on spring launch used to use Gnome... But yeah theres my KDE desktop which I love atm. Mandy 2007 Spring KDE

What theme is that? I've been looking for something that looks like OSX but haven't found it thus far.

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Foton theme for Dekorator... If you want pure Mac OSX look use Baghira theme for KDE and just move buttons to left side like on a mac.

Do you have a link? I'm having problems finding one for KDE (I can find the one for Windows, but not Linux).

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