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can't add printer in mandriva

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i've been trying to add my printer which is atached on winxp w/samba. The print wizard see's the printer a hp-750 and when i select ok the process fails w/cryptic "Failed to configure printer". I've tried several times and always the same result. I tried loooking thru the cups error log but could not see anything. I dont even know if problem is w/cups or mandriva. I updated to 1.2.1-4.mdk2006.0.mde but that hasnt helped. i attached the error log if someone has suggestions on how to troubleshoot this would be much appreciated.thanx

ps- sorry about the size of error_log but i turned on diagnose mode in cups and this is what i get...


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In fact exists a problem regarding print that is due to cups but since mandriva 2007 is out there i will start doing packages for it.

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