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Opensource security

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Hey, Im writing a presentation for a friend.... long story but he has to do his last day's work on a presentation for opensource security ... and wants it to be the best presentation he's ever done.. only he doesn't know much about opensource!


I'm looking for papers.... etc. for a mid tech management level in either English, French, Italian, German or Spanish (if that helps open up possibilities) ...

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Some links that might be interesting for a start:

Why OSS/Free software?

Is OSS good for security

RSBAC documentation

More RSBAC stuff at Gentoo


Unofficial (but better) SELinux FAQ


and in german, from a conference:

OSS vs. CS security

I think with that stuff, you can create some useful paper.

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The Cathedral and the Bazaar is always an interesting read, and can be very useful. (although it may not directly apply to security...)

Read that many times but its always worth rereading and reposting :D

I sometimes think it should be in the "licsense agreement" .for distros..tick the box "I have read the cathedral and bazaar" :D

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