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eth0: freeing mc frame


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I took a look at my syslog today, and it's full of messages similar to this one:


Sep 10 04:35:01 Mandrake kernel: eth0: freeing mc frame.

Sep 10 04:35:33 Mandrake last message repeated 16 times

Sep 10 04:36:34 Mandrake last message repeated 31 times

Sep 10 04:37:35 Mandrake last message repeated 28 times

Sep 10 04:38:37 Mandrake last message repeated 31 times

Sep 10 04:39:39 Mandrake last message repeated 30 times

Sep 10 04:39:59 Mandrake last message repeated 10 times


what does it mean, how do I fix it?

googling only seems to dig up stuff that's several years old.

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From what I've read this is a result of IPv6 and the network card drivers not playing well with it.


Try disabling ipv6 by editing /etc/modprobe.conf to add:

alias net-pf-10 off


Although, really, if it isn't causing any problems you can likely just ignore it.

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