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Show off your desktop September, 2006


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If anyone's interested in those 3d Aiglx effects in Mandriva 2007, I made a couple of screenshots of Mona One here



I couldn't view your shot from work, kept getting a 504 error. However I've been using it in Rawhide (FC-devel) and its interesting. Are you also using the Nvidia Beta drivers (9xxx)




You can actually get away with some of the effects with the 9xxx drivers and compiz and not need aiglx/xgl.

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504? Oops, that doesn't sound good. Gateway timeout? Hopefully just temporary.


No, I've not got any nvidia beta drivers, I've not got nvidia! All the machines I've tried it on so far have Intel graphics and the Aiglx works on all of them. Actually I haven't got a clue how the compiz and Aiglx and Xgl relate to each other, I just know that Mona gives the option of either Aiglx or Xgl, I tried both and only Aiglx worked.


Here's one of the piccies:


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HI all I'm new to the forum. Anyways I've been running linux for a couple years now and it looked fun to post a screenshot any how here's my desktop.


Any way I'm happy with it. :)


What is the Superkaramba theme on the right (not liquid weather)? I really like the clean look.



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