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Nice Review of ATI & nVidia Graphics Drivers

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I like his comment:


Linux driver support remains a hit-or-miss proposition


I'd say this more reflects ATI's drivers/cards than Nvidia. The only time I've ever had an nvidia not work is because my laptop has a crappy nvidia geforce 420 go. And that's because none of nvidia's drivers support it :P


ATI's will say they're supported, but still don't work! At least for me, I know there are people out there who have them working. I must have a rogue card :lol:

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overall its great news that toms hardware is doing these reviews, (so many winblows users read his articles, thus more exposure for the linux platform)

and that the graphics companies are trying so hard.


keep it all coming, roll on the revolution :lol2:


how long till the latest greatest games, are developed for linux (default) and windows (ports) anyone like to hazard a guess?




this linux amateur

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