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Kernel Update failed

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Some questions:

What kernel was installed before?

What kernel did you upgrade to?

Have you launched lilo once you had the new kernel installed, if you use lilo as bootloader?


If you have forgotten to launch lilo, then use first CD, hit F1, type rescue. Then mount the system in a chroot environment as root e.g.


chroot /mnt/sysimage


and then launch lilo as root


lilo -V


If it reports no errors, reboot and try to start your computer again with the new kernel..

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One thing for the future, never remove your old kernel until you've rebooted to make sure the new kernel works.


Hopefully arctic's solution will work, otherwise after chrooting the environment, you might wish to do:


source /etc/profile


to update the source, and then attempt to install a kernel that can be pulled from the CD media, kernel- is the default on the cd, and this command:


urpmi kernel-


should hopefully let you get it, sort lilo, and get you booting again, so that you can try again with your new kernel if it's not on the lilo menu to choose from.

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It's not very wise upgrading a running kernel, anyway (although in theory it's possible). I always boot an alternative kernel when I want to upgrade my main one.

And you shouldn't remove the old, working kernel before being 100% sure the new one works properly.

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