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Installing Xfce

Gul Dukat

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I just installed Mandriva One on of my pcs. But installs KDE by default. The thing is, I want to remove KDE completely and install Xfce as my WM. But how can I remove KDe completely? Which commands? And after removing KDE, will urpmi xfce suffice for installing Xfce?

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I think:


urpme kdebase


should do the majority of it. Any packages that require KDE as a dependency would also be shown in being removed as well.


urpmi xfce


should do the trick. Hopefully it's in the repositories, but you might want to set up easy-urpmi sources before just in case.

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XFCE can use KDE and Gnome services, so you can run KDE or Gnome related applications within XFCE. I'd suggest removing KDE, but leaving kdebase and kdelibs at your system. They wont use much space, nor handicap any i686 machine.


I intended to make a LiveCD, so I would like to remove KDE entirely. Would this harm Xfce?

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everything worked and Xfce is up and running. Thanks Ianw.


But I´ve been removing a few programs in Xfce I don´t need through MCC. The programs are gone, but the entry in menu stays. The icon that accompanies the entry, is gone too. So how can I remove the entries that are left behind? I tried update-menus -v and a reboot already, but they didn´t remove the entry.

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