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the system doesn't boot

Guest ZoïGü

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Guest ZoïGü


I'm a new linuxuser... sorry about that...

I've downloaded the free dvd version of mandriva 2006, & i installed it on an empty scsi HD.

My computer contain a biprocessor athlon and an old 3dlabs widcat III 6110 card.

First of all, there is a bug when it asks me to configure the graphic card (i can't see any word or i can't access to all the words, for exemple with the list of the differents resolutions of the screen i can't see the firsts and lasts resolutions.). But i can continue & finish the installation with success. I reboot.

Here is the problem, before the system boots, when the computer usualy check the cd driver or the floppy disk driver, it does'nt do anything.

But, I'm still enthusiastic !

Read you soon, i hope !

thanks for your help

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