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Playing Divx files [solved]


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I've recently got hold of a video file with the extension .divx.avi (it's a broadcast tv show so my conscience is pretty clear :) ) but I can't play it. Do I need to get some extra codecs or something to be able to read it?

I've tried with kaffeine, xine and mplayer, and none of them can open it. I also tried opening it in avidemux to see if I could convert it but no joy there either. The error messages don't mean much except "can't find codec" or "can't find demux" or something.

I can play other videos without problems in all players, and can also play dvds. I tried looking in mcc for "codec" and "xine" but nothing obvious came up. Any idea what I should be looking for, or should it already come as standard with the players?


Or something else which might help diagnosis, is there a way I can create a divx file from a playable video, to see if I can still play it after conversion?

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Do you have the win32-codecs installed? I normally just:


urpmi xine-win32


which pulls in the win32-codecs as well, and I've never had a problem playing any divx stuff. You can use acidrip to create movies from DVD's but you have to choose xvid codec listed, but I think the above should solve your problem, unless this is a completely new codec that has been released.

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The win32-codecs, just has quicktime, mpeg2, 3 and 4 formats, etc, etc, etc, in there that allow you to play these media types. I believe divx falls under mpeg4, and is mostly a Windows app, hence the name of the codecs package.


Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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Well it looks like it was just a corrupt file, after all that. I downloaded it again and now it works, even without getting the win32 codecs. So maybe you need win32 for some divxs, but not this one.

Thanks for your help!

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