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How to import [SOLVED]


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have an xls file that is used in access and I would like to import the same file to Mysql.


does anyone know how?


Was told by a coworker that sql and access db's can communicate and share data but I cannot find the options in order to do it. I have also made an exported txt file if it makes things easier. It has been attached.


Basically I am looking to keep track of my films with the ability to query and append the db from the browser in a future project.

I use webmin for my admin tasks, but I cannot see any options for importation of files.


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You'll have to use the command line, and run the mysqlimport utility. You'll probably also need to remove quotes, and replace semicolons with commas before importing. The rules for importing are fairly straightforward.



This is probably the easiest but there are lots of ways depending how else you are using it.

You can use the prl hooks with DBD:Mysql and write a small perl script OR you can even use OO base and import through that. If you set up ODBC you can actually connect it directly from Excel as a kink and then create table mytable as "select * from my_link"

This latter one is a reverse method but actually works well when you get into the swing.


OOBase needs JDBC or OBDC installed but once you do this you can use it to open an excel file into mysql (theoretically you have prompted me to try this out)


OK just installed the unixODBC stuff and accompanying tools and its reasonably straightforwards but nowhere near as simple as Sydrexic wrote as a one off.

Basically if its once only then don't bother but since you are importing data you might want to do other things then look into the methods above.

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Wow, guess I got another 4 books to add to my reading... :huh: ...

Pretty much I am not familiar with mysql...I have worked with access a few times byusing the gui and setting up tables and a few queries.


I saw that with my box it comes with sql so that is the reason for my change over. I want to take all that I have down with access and put it the sql DB and then either using sql statements/commands, access or any othe tool interact with my db and pull or place information within it.


You said that I need to install unixODBC and related stuff? k I will update my system and start from there. Is that ny particular applet or tool that gives us the inteactivity that access has but with mysql?


I know we got some or one at work but seeing how I am not in that dept, I will be told it is FYI only and sent on my way.

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Ok I imported a txt file, csv (tab seperated & comma seperated) files to mysql with webmin and all that I got was 1 row entered fine and then rest were blank. however it did perform a count of rows and those same numbers are existing in my table.

So its like I got 1 movie title along with its format and the rest are empty rows adding up the amount of movie titles in my collection... clueless at this point.

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awesome app! thanks for the info ...I'll let you know how it come through!



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