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Show off your Desktop - April 2006


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It's Mandrivas Galaxy theme, ladies and gentlemen. ;)


I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of graphic designers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

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as always, click for larger version


GNOME 2.14, gaim2, xchat, rxvt-unicode (with real transparency). theme: Ubuntulooks-Silver for GTK2, nuoveXT for icons. running XGL, compiz, all that good stuff. background from here.

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no mandriva for me :) i'm running arch linux, for which there is a repo that has them.



We do not provide any configuration helper utilities (ie, you won't find linuxconf in here) so you will quickly become very proficient at configuring your system from the shell commandline.


That doesn´t sound like the distro for me yet. Too bad the mandriva rpm´s are only from ver 0.0.5, it´s just eyecandy, the latest build (0.0.9) actually has some handy useable features.

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I don't know the details either but I know that XEGL doesn't need a separate xorg to run or something like that as XGL needs one.

It's based on XGL so it's very likely IMO that it will be ready later than XGL. So while everyone will use XGL Mandriva users either have to hack their system or use another OS or wait so Mandriva misses another chance.

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