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Help to go about and setup my network


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Bought myself a domain name (krynn.ca)

now i contacted the provider by email and told them that I want to have the name directed to my system at home and need the info on how to do it. Still waiting on their reply.


In the meantime:

I have both a NT server and a linux server at home setup in a Lan with the same krynn.ca domain.


I have a dynamic IP assigned to me by my ISP which has never changed since I registered with them last year.


How do I go about to getting a dns working on my Drake box?

I want to have the Drake box be the primary PDC and the NT server a bdc.


From my reading by getting the dns to work I can then have a mail server created, my apache server working properly by being accessible to the outside world.


I do not want to have the Drake box as a dhcp just yet since my Dlink router (DI-524) is already the Lan ip provider.


@ the moment I am using Dyndns to furnish myself a name that is then forwarded to my router and from there I setup the port's accessibility according to either the windows or linux box.


Pm me if you want a pic of the topology I want to create. Not sure how to go about to get it on here for you to look at cuz of the restrictions here @ work.


Synopsis of things I need done are:

1) Apache, works but only internally in my lan. Cannot access it from the wan side.

2) DNS for direction to my box according to port #'s

3) Mail Server - would like to get my webmin working in order to admin my drake box and the postfix configurations to get a mail server going.

4) FTP & DHCP (optional) in case in the future I may want to enable these features.


***NT IIS works fine from both the intranet & internet, but I need to enter a user/pass to access it. Not sure if that is what I really want but for now it works and since it is for just me and my friends for our fishing, camping and various adventures, I don't mind the little security that is placed on it.


***Thanks to Steve Scrimpshire (https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showuser=835) he was able to help me get my ventrilo server to start up every time my Drake box is booted up. (Thnx alot my friend!!)


***samba on my mandrake 9.1 is working so far, because I can access it from my windows side. so the Net interface is there and they do communicate...


If I can then get these services working and running fine after a good backup of all the configs I would then be able to upgrade the os and re-administer them and Finally be able to work on learning to tweak them for higher performance and stability.

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I am using zoneedit to handle my dynamic ip dns



they let you have 5 dot com's per free account

sounds like you're static so just set the IP once and forget it

i use ddclient on linux to update 5 dot coms on one box , been working for years

i use a recommended windows client for updating another 3 dot coms .. zoneedit didn't really say i couldn't create another account just that the account can only hold 5 dot coms for free

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Hmm looking at the site now and it sounds great.

Have you got a mail server too? And is your IP Dynamic too or you do have a reg'd domain name?

if so with zoneedit do they also direct mail to your server aswell?

If you do then that is perfect! All I would need to do is set up my mail server to work based then on IP.


thing is that I do have a valid domain name ...just that the company is taking forever to get back to me on the info I requested. I want to be able to just simply host my own mail server that way I am not stuck to size limitations and such and to host my own web server for myself and possibly others too.


Just that I have no way to make sure that my reg'd Dom name comes to my router and then pending on the port specified acccess' the necessary server.

So from what I gather at the site, with my domain name krynn.ca I can have it directed to my server FREE of charge? now if that is so then what becomes of my mail server? from what I see and read I need to have a domain name specified which I do but is on an internal lan ip 192.***.***.***....

how do I work around that? would that mean I need to place my drake box in a DMZ zone or do I need to then install an extra nic and have a box specifically set up for mail and as a router? to my Dlink link router?

seems like I am jumping a few hurdles more just to get this server going....

either way I got alot of determination and this project needs to get done.


Wish I was assimilated a long time ago rather than getting in to it now.

but if you got good howto's for a noob such as me then feel free to pass them on.


thnx & lates! :thumbs:

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you configure the records for the dot com to use ns2.zoneedit.com (for example ) as the DNS servers .

you can use a client at your house to notify the dns servers if and when your IP changes .

it's free and yes mail works too . you add a record for the mail server even if it;'s the same linux box i...e..



or mx.mynew.com

if your IP rarely changes you are done

if you are dynamic and it changes you need to configure an updating client to keep track of the ip changes

zoneedit recommends some clients

i use ddclient on my linux box

what you are doing at this point is driving traffic to your router . you set your router to handle the requests and send the traffic to whatever local IP you have assigned for the mail or http or whatever .. do not use dhcp locally, set static numbers . i.e..

http port 80 or mail port 25 you set this is the routers config

make sure your PC is static locally .

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Perfect exactly what i wanted to make sure of.

I already use dyndns without a client because my router has the config available to update their servers automatically. and I am able to have traffic for example directed to my linux box for my ventrilo server.


But I will definately use zoneedit for my linux box.

So to understand the jist of things by having my linux box on a static internal IP which it already is,

by using the client I can get ppl to email me at my domain name (chosen from zoneedit I take it as I did with dyndns) and the mail will be directed to my router which by setting up the virtual server will direct the mail to my linux box that is in my internal network.


If got that right then my last question for dns & mail would be:

what do I give my linux box as a domain name for the configuring of the mail server.

During my install I already gave it the name linuxbox.blah blah.blah....

now if I reg with zone edit (I have to wait till I get home so I don't know the names available....but again based on dyndns then...) would I have to reinstall the linux os and set the name to match that of which I registered at zoneedit?



domain name given


linux box (at install) = linuxbox.myip.ca

zoneedit (when registered) = mynewname.ca


Would I have to change the linuxbox to linuxbox.mynewname.ca ? Cuz from what I gather I need to have a domain name and not an IP for postfix to work with in order to handle mail coming at the specified domain name...

like an email sent to gems@myip.ca would never reach my mail server because the domain name I now have from zoneedit is registered as mynewname.ca, therefore mail that I would have or want received would have to take the address of gems@mynewname.ca

Sorry if I may seem to be repeating or talking lamish there...I am a noob & by nature always tries to get as much info and view points from various angles. But also I am going to write a how to manual logging all the steps that I take for myself and my friends and anyone else that is interested in learning as well.


Again Thanks for the help!! can't wait to get my box fully running and start on the tweaking.

may I ask what it is that you are running on yours?

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dns sends the traffic to your router

the router sends the traffic to the box you told the router to send the traffic to (port25) for email (port 80) for http

the mail server you choose on the linux box needs to know what domain names to accept email for and send email from .

defaults will use the current linux box name . so you need to edit the mail server config file .

install "webmin" on the linux box to simplify managing and configuring these servers

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If you are using a router to manage your internet connection, you'd have to use a dynamic dns service on this to update the ip address record, and not from the Linux box (unless you are connected directly from the Linux box to the internet).


You could then use the dns entries on your domain name to point to your dyndns name, and then this would be updated with the ip address of your router, and therefore route the emails to your router. Port forwarding on your router would then redirect this to the internal ip address of your linux machine based on the ip_address:port configured on the router.


First, make sure you're ISP will let you run a mail server, plus anything else you want to do, as some connections don't allow this unless they are Home/Office or Business grade connections.


If you can, the best method is to get a static ip address, but this normally incurs a cost unless your ISP will give one to you, or is able/unable to.


Building the mailserver part is pretty straightforward, use postfix, and there are quite a few howtos on the postfix website. I've used a few of them myself, two in particular. I never compiled from source, so you can easily use the mandriva rpms to install the program, and then just follow configuring the files itself after that.

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Well I was able to finally get webmin installed and working.


I also did a reinstall of my drake (9.0) & have the following working but not fully configured:


Postfix - mail server (will need to install squirrel mail...not need but would like to..)

apache - for my personal hosting and who knows what else :-)

samba - for my windoze & linux shares

ventrilo - My voice server 4 them long distance calls

mysql - wanna learn DB and how the whole thing works

ftp - well this is self explanatory


Pretty much I think that If I can get these all going and learn how to do them with my eyes close I may just be able to actually go and get my certifications in linux (finally move up in the ol job or move on to something way better than being an operator...not that I don't like having 4days off a week) but doing 13 hours shifts in day or night time has finally started to take its toll on me. LOL



I think what I will start to tweak out now is the postfix so I can get away from that msn spam mail server (hotmail)


Any info you can offer would be greatly appreciated, but also remember that If you got a good site that explains things in lamen terms feel free to post it here... As I stated here or on other posts I am gonna write a lamerz howto on how to get things going for ppl like me that have no idea or few resources to follow up on.

And if I can get the apache going I probally will post it there and give yall the props you deserve!



So now I am in to the postfix:


i went through the webmin and started to look the config options and yeah it does seem to simplify the choices I have to make but I still cannot seem to get mail to be sent in or out of my network from lan to wan or vice versa.


As you guys stated I used a dynamic site to direct my traffic to the router and enabled the ports

but when I send an email from the lan to wan or vice versa the message never arrives. I only get the email if I send it locally within my lan.


any suggestions on what I should be looking for? I asked my buddy who is sub contracted with my isp and he says that for the service I have that I don't have anything blocked. I enabled the ports in my router keeping the defaults and when I tried to call the ISP to verify they kept me on hold forever, so I lost my patience and hung up.


I think what kinda throws me off is all the appz or services that I have to configure. sendmail, postfix, fetchmail, etc...

Is there a checklist that I can go through that would guide me on what I need to configure. cuz from finding out that there are all these service or appz that deal with the mail server... it is overwhelming...especially if they in turn do the same darn thing.

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Have you asked for your domain name to point to your dynamic dns account so that the email knows which IP to get delivered to?


Easiest way to find out is:


set type=any


it will then display the information on your domain name, and you should have MX records pointing to your dynamic dns entry, so that when this is updated, you should get the email. You might need to configure mx records for the dynamic dns account entry as well :unsure:

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sent them an email, cuz they have a habit of keeping me on hold which racks up my long distant charges.


so in the meantime what I did was install my drake box with the same domain name that I had registered at dyndns & with my router I have the feature to update my ip with dyndns's servers. apache does work but eventually I do want to get my krynn.ca to be pointed to my drake box...just not sure if I want drake as a pdb or bdc yet....


when i go to the provider of my domain name they do give me the ability to enter other name servers to point to, but in order to test it out I think I would have to create my own name server and have their server point to it but by going thru a virtual server in my router like I already do for all my other services... seems so damn complicated for such a small thing ... :wall:

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k, I think I configured my network properly because I am able to use webin with my domain name to access my box and configure it. I was not able to test the https due to the fact that I am at work and even though I may be able to access it thru the firewall it, I cannot test it due to company regulations.


Now I performed an nslookup command and got this message.


nslookup krynnca.homelinux.org

Server: 192.***.*.*

Address: 192.***.*.*#53


Non-authoritative answer:

Name: krynnca.homelinux.org



Now is this a good or a bad thing. I tried to see online but I just cannot get a straight answer.

I want to know if this is correct cuz I want to test my email params to see if I can send and receive mail from and for my own domain. but without knowing if I set the domain name and all the dns entries correct I cannot assurable know if or what may be the issue with my mail server.


I am trying to configure postfix, along with send & fetchmail. Later I want to use squirrellmail but for now I just need to get the latter going.

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This is what I get for you:


[ian@europa ~]$ nslookup
> set type=any
> krynnca.homelinux.org

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   krynnca.homelinux.org

Authoritative answers can be found from:
homelinux.org   nameserver = ns1.dyndns.org.
homelinux.org   nameserver = ns2.dyndns.org.
homelinux.org   nameserver = ns3.dyndns.org.
homelinux.org   nameserver = ns4.dyndns.org.
homelinux.org   nameserver = ns5.dyndns.org.
ns1.dyndns.org  internet address =
ns2.dyndns.org  internet address =
ns3.dyndns.org  internet address =
ns4.dyndns.org  internet address =
ns5.dyndns.org  internet address =


You don't have any MX entries, which will be why you're unable to receive email.


On your main domain name (krynn.ca), set the MX record to point to krynnca.homelinux.org. Then on this homelinux.org which I think is your dynamic DNS domain name, you need to set the MX record to point to the IP of your router. Then configure your router to port forward SMTP to the machine with your internal IP address.

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pay some attention to your logs .

check them all out including:


or /var/log/messages

add httpd error_log to webmin and/or httpd access if not there

logs help troubleshooting aside from seeing ip traffic

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