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My other favorite Linux distro is


My other favorite Linux distro:  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite linux distro (except Mandriva)?

    • (K)Ubuntu
    • Fedora Core
    • SuSe
    • Gentoo
    • Arch
    • Debian
    • Slackware
    • Free/Net/OpenBSD
    • other...

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My vote goes to Ubuntu. I may what people would call an ubuntu zealot :cheesy: (in a good way ofcause ;) )

Well Mandriva isn't my favorite distro though but I voted anyway.


My list would look like something like this:




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Yeah, keep on laughing you fuzzballs. :D


My fault, the picture was uploaded in the developers section, thus perfectly hidden even if you register. Sorry, I forgot about that. So here is the picture again.

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Looks better than all default KDE's I've seen in any distro!! B)

btw, when can we expect a major release of Yoper?



p.s. It's a bit ummm amusing, but, if someone looked at my desktop at any time, it always looks the same - whether Mandriva, Kanotix, Ubuntu, Fedora Core I always set KDE look like I want it, in fact I think that looking at Linux screenshots is one of the most useless activities, because they all basically look the same :D

Of course distro specific application screenshots is another thing, but I can't imagine why they (Linux screenshot galleries on the internet) always do a snapshot of Open Office, Amarok, etc... It's the same as looking at Windows Media Player for the thousand' time

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We have no timeline set but we hope that all important bugs will be ironed out in maybe one or two months. Then the Blacksand (testing) will be repacked for the Ilmenite (unstable) and some time later, when everything is rock-stable, Rulite (stable) will be uploaded. You see, we release things when we think they are done. Very Debian-like. :)

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My favourite distro, is Arch, and I have no favourite beside Arch. It's a great workhorse distro for the competent linux user (read: not afraid of the command line)


Arch just works how i like, simple, bleeding edge, stable, fast, light, straightforward, default, clean, and has a package manager with a really really cool name - pacman. The developers are all members of the community and listen to the community, they are all volunteers and work on Arch in their spare time. The community of Arch rocks, and is it's strength, with their contributions in building Arch's extensive and awesome wiki, and compiling the packages for over 2100 packages in the Arch User Repository.


Arch's setup and design has been so popular that there are at least three offshoot distros, Rubix, Frugalware and another whose name has slipped my mind, and two liveCDs Archie and larch. I'd rather not think of Arch as being based on slack or crux, because really, despite it's limited similarities, it does so many things differently and in improved ways.

I prefer to think of other distros being based on Arch, like people do for debian and redhat.


It's that straightforward, that I didnt need to join the Arch forums, IRC or anything. It was only 6 months later that I ended up joining the forums and that was to help others.


Arch is the distro I would have made, if I had set out to make one. And thus, I've stuck with it, it's been a pleasure to stick with and use, and somehow ended up as a developer.


Oh dear. I'm preaching. /me gets off soapbox.


Yeah Arch rocks ;)



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PCLOS & Mepis


PCLOS, because it runs well on my laptop, and the live cd that I use to introduce people to linux runs flawlessly.


Mepis, because every computer that I own connects to my network wirelessly, and Mepis has never failed to recognize my cards (5 diffrent systems, and 2 laptops) and have the network running at first boot.

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