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Mandriva Update overheats cpu?


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Wierd behaviour and not sure this is the right forum to put it in as it is HW and SW oriented. Running Mandriva 2006 Dec Club version on an Athlon 1600XP desktop with AthCool running to keep temps down and KSensors monitoring things. When trying to do normal Mandriva updates in MCC, I noticed that when I would select the ekiga update item, nothing seemed to happen but my CPU temps jumped from 36C to 50C in less than 5 sec and kept climbing until I bailed out by killing the program. I thought maybe the cpu fan went down, so took the side of the box and all is running normally. Rebooted tried again and same results as I watched the cpu fan running normally.


I got all the other downloads and went back to check and every time I click on the ekiga update my CPU temp skyrockets!!! :wall: What's that about?


I'm not sure which source mirror I have setup which has that update as it won't display any info on the program when I select that upgrade and I have to abort out as the cpu just starts cooking without any sign of stopping. Wierd thing is CPU activity is not showing anything, but the temp freaks out. I suspect it must be something messing with my Athcool code but don't want to fry the CPU for the sake of a program I won't use.


Stuff like this is interesting and challenges me to figure out what's going on. I'd love to hear anyone else's thoughts on this one.



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Sorry for the offtopic, but how to see the current cpu temp?


Install the lm-sensors rpm and then you can use Ksensors or gkrellm to get the temps, fan speeds, voltage on the mobo to display. Most modern motherboards have chips that monitor this kind of info. You can also see this data from the BIOS screen on startup of many mobo's.


Search the board for other info on lm-sensors. There are some other posts that will give more info and help. It is a bit tricky the first time you set it up as you have to run it to config things and then set it to run as a service on startup. You have to run sensorsd from the command line to get it going. Basically, you answer a string of questions on your hardware (normally the default answer is Yes) and then it is good to go if you follow the README file instructions.


Hope this helps!


Back on topic: According to a couple things I found on Club Forum, the ekiga rpm on Mdk Club mirror has some issues. Tries to uninstall tons of software and install a specific Gnome version. Might be related to that issue.

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