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Show off your Desktop - March 2006


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Too bad neither have all good features. Rb's library is much better but the sucker is just getting to bulky and ugly for me. The small display is now a medium display and useless. At least banshee looks good. Interesting when you mouse over the thumbnail also....


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Yes, 3.0 is the next release. 2.2 was never finished as A.G., the then-lead-developer left the ship and went to Novell. He left us with a pretty crippled distro as he had not documented anything, so we started from scratch again. :)

And... it is faaaaaaaaaast again!

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I installed Xgl yesterday and have been using it since then. It's been pretty stable for me, and doesn't seem to impact regular desktop perfomance all that much (though Firefox can be slow with it).


Normal screeny:


as always, click for larger image


A few of the cool features:

Exposé-like feature - you can click on a window and it will be brought to the front.

Alt-tab between windows

The Cube - switching between desktops with the cube.


With the right key combination, you can drag an active window from one desktop to the next. I couldn't get a decent screenshot of this though. I also couldn't get a good screenshot of the "wobbly windows", but that's not a very useful feature anyways ;)


Definitely looking good.

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