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Show off your Desktop - March 2006


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post-13691-1141359600_thumb.jpg I multiboot too many distros-and I've just concluded that Mandrivia is the most trouble free of them all.

Anyway I rather spend my time playing with my art & photgraphy than becoming a system admin. B)

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Nothing new under the sky here, same old same. BVC do I not get a medal or something for keeping your theme so long? :D


PreUbuntuBreezy2-Jan-31-2006_original.jpg PreUbuntuBreezy-Jan-2006_original.jpg PreUbuntuBreezy3-Jan-2006_original.jpg

Click the picture to enlarge





Click the picture to enlarge




Click the picture to enlarge


More Screenshots:

Modified Application tab

Select cursor theme - GCursor

Drives and Media Preferences


More VLC

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:lol2: yes, you get the prestigious 'd3a user of the year' award for 2004, 2005, and 2006. 2006 just because :thumbs:



get the latest icons for the media players here


oh, are those screenies old or do you not like the gtk update? I see some things I fixed showing up in them.

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what music/media player are you using in that screenshot? rhythmbox?


banshee(mono app)


It will show the album cover if it finds one too.


I can't decide which one I like best (between rhythmbox/banshee) I don't really like the way banshee libary's the music, but it has some other cool features that are nice.


Oh, the way that is displayed, that is me moving my mouse over the music note next to the date on the panel.

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