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Best MP3 player for Mandriva 2006


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I have also heard complaints about later players from iRiver (iFP, I think), which seem to be designed to only work with MS Windows.

Got myself iRiver iFP 795 just yesterday, haven't got time to learn it fully yet. So, just several points :

- If you purchase iRiver iFP, do your homework and purchase one that has UMS firmware available . There are Linux tools supporting iManager-based players, but I'm personally inclined to think that working with a regular USB drive would be preferable.

- iRiver FPs play Oggs encoded with bitrate in 96K-225K range. No less, no more. Although, it may be some limitation of the UMS firmware, and the players may support a broader range of Oggs with their default one.

- I've yet to see some more stupid user interface :angry:

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