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Does somebody here use multiple desktops?


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Does anybody here use multiple desctops?

I'm used to windows and i can't understand why would somebody need several desktops on a single display. But, if the option presents in all desctop managers then it should be worthy. How do you work with it?


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Whenever I have to use Windows I wish there were multiple desktops.

I currently use 4 (once used 6, overkill). One is only for e-mail (lots for my work), nice and clean full screen, another is for browsing, another for writing and the last for whatever.

Also don't forget when in a fix there are the virtual desktops (alt+ctrl+f1 etc).

I can clutter up one desktop and have others clean as a whistle.

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There used to be an app for Windows called HP Dashboard, although not sure if it's about now. This had multiple desktops and was pretty neat. Although last time I used this I think it was pre Windows 95! :P


Saying that, I'm sure there must be a utility for Windows.....somewhere.....


Anyway, I just use one single desktop, since I'm not sure if it uses more resources/memory if I have too many enabled.

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For regular browsing, etc, I tend to just use one, but when I'm working I tend to have 4 desktops with clusters of related apps on each one:


1. Misc

2. Code

3. Graphics

4. Documentation


That makes it easy to flip between (say) a web page on MySQL, and my mySQL code and related tools, without having to continually minimise and maximise windows to find the one you want.


Anyway, it's just another tool. Freedom includes the freedom not to use something if you don't want to, after all.

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If you don't use multiple desktops then you don't know its uses and benefits and great convenience. I guess some still prefer the Windows inconvenience format that even Microsoft is claiming will be changed in whatever the hell it calls its next abomination.

I do use the multi desktops and wouldn't be without it. I use 6 and each one has its own wallpaper themes of pics changed every 5 minutes. That is not a major reason but it does mean if I get temporarly bored with one desktop then just a single click and I have a change. There are heaps of practical reasons for using the multi but I am not going to spend time here describing them all. They are easy enough for you to find out for yourself if you are really interested. I know there will be the usual arguments about it consuming too much resources and memory but in this day and age that is just an excuse and not a reason.

Give it an honest try and you will wonder how you never appreciated it in the first place,

I get frustrated when I go into Windows2000 to do things and haven't got the same convenience. That is what multiple desktops is all about---------CONVENIENCE.


Cheers. John.

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I use 4 desktops and I can't imagine being without them. They are very convenient for multitasking particularly with tasks that take some time to complete. You can be doing a large backup in a terminal with tar on one, burning a dvd on a second, have your email open on a third and surfing on the 4th.

There is a tool for multiple desktops in winxp in the powertools package IIRC but it really doesn't work well. Actually, the real problem is windows doesn't multitask nearly as well as linux and having multiple desktops encourages extensive multitasking. I think that's the real reason multiple desktops were never included in windows.

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