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Mandriva Terminal Server


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I have a litle setup here with a Mandriva serving Terminals to 5 thin clients that boots from a diskette.

All is working ok, the thin clients are working, but I don't know how to use local devices on thin clients.


What I whant is to set a printer at a thin client and a cdrom on another and share it with samba.


How can I acomplish that? (local-devices or something is alredy installed.) :mellow:


Thanks 4 n F1!


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i've got sound and printers to work on the clients but haven't figured out drives yet , but it does look like the drives are being set at boot time . i just haven't focused on the drives enough .

my local library has it all tricked out with floppy drives, usb and cd burners so it can be done .


LTSP info



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Guest pikapika


I'm in the same situation as you. Terminal-server functionality works fine, but localdevices doesn't work. The package terminal-server-localdevices appears no to be tested properly.


I have seen that terminal-server is based in another product (Nymph terminal server) from Fensystems that seems to be more advanced, according to its authors. Mandriva did some minor modifications over it.

The problem is that the documentation about it is even less than the one about terminal-server-localdevices.

I'm now looking for information about it.


It's really a pity that we can't use floppies, cdroms or local printers in our terminals. All the other thinks work fine. It's great to see very old computers running as quick as newer pentium-IV.

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