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Rumours mount over Google's internet plan


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It's just more speculation. I love how somehow speculation becomes true, and then people start jumping on a company they liked before. You can't really say anything about whether this or good or bad until google either actually announces it, or actually does it. Speculation is what old men in rocking chairs do when drinking beer and saying they saw a flying saucer, and then it ends up being a fly in the bug lamp.

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There is an upcoming event that is motovating

many companies like Google. Ubuntu is being

driven by it as are Mandriva, Red Hat, Novell,

Suse and many more. And that is the official

release of "Vista". When that officially occurs

it's performance and susceptibility to attack will

be watched by everyone with a keyboard connected

to a processing device.


Should "Vista" stumble, or be tripped up, then

that is the end. Alternatives will be sought

after. Corporate America is still mostly sitting

on ME 2000, not XP. M$ is counting on Vista to

migrate those millions of platforms. Will those

platforms be lured by some other OS, lets say in

this case "Goobuntu"?


It won't happen over night but if alternatives

are out there to test drive users will look at

them. Google is putting one of those alternatives

in place so folks can test drive it when, and

if, Vista falls on it's own sword or is put

to one.

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Not to be a jerk or nothing but after Google refuses to help out the NSA or the U.S. gov. with trying to track down possible terrorist, I'm not sure I'd want to use a google desktop or support one.


Now, just to be far in that statement and the reason I feel that way is because China has asked or told Google to block any and all searches that deal with "liberty", "freedom" and the likes of that nature.


I just find it ironic that Google will not help out its own country in the war agaist terrorism but will give in to the demands of another country to surpress its people.

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I've heard nothing of either of those two things, FX. And refusing to help the NSA or the US Govt in tracking down terrorists??? That could be a good or a bad thing...they both have extremely overstepped their bounds and continue to.


More speculation that suddenly becomes true.

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From what i heard they wanted Random data to be supplied to the NSA and others for seeing what people were looking at on the Google maps..


There was no Search Warrant or any reason or person mentioned but they wanted IP addresses of the people who searched and what.. Just random..


This is a bit unfair to someone who types in a US Airbase then gets branded a terrorist when all they were doing is checking the news articles saying these places are obscured by google maps..


China has the right to censor its Internet as it is a sovereign country and we have no right to impose our ideals on them.. Maybe we see it as unfair but you must think they have much bigger problems dealing with 1Billion people that no other country except India have an idea about..


Google respects the right to censor but not exclude.. They want to work with china not against. Is it better to educate than be forced out and not have any ability to help in the long run..


Some middle east countries censor porn is that wrong or right. It is not up to us to decide for them. they must decide for themselves what is best for their people..


May be freedom of speech has gone too far in some countries and does need to be curtailed.

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Link to Google refusing to help the U.S. Gov.




Google bowing down to China.




U.S. Constitution site. Read and learn the President does have the right to do what is needed in the defense of the U.S. in times or WAR.

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