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Server migration


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Hi, I have a big problem here. :wall:

My server will migrate to another datacenter, so the IPs will change. To clients pointing to my DNS name will be easy, but for that ones that point to IPs hummm.


I have tried 2 things so now:


(My actual IP is, for example, eth1: and the new IP is eth1:



Configure Shorewall like this: /etc/shorewall/nat eth1 yes yes


It works only from my internal net (, coming from Internet it wont work.




I have triend too the redir software and the rinetd. Both of then works great for almost all services, but not with FTP (becose of multi TCP connections or something).




I think that is something that can be configured on the router too, but if it is possible, I don't know how. If you know, my router here on side is a CISCO 2600 Router.




PLEASE :help: ME!

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I've used 2 different methods of doing this, both require the use of both a the new and old IPs.


1. openvpn tunnel from old IP to new IP (where everything is setup on the new IP)

2. ssh tunnel for each used port from the old IP to the new IP (where everuthing is setup on the new IP)


how many domains are we talking about?

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Hi, first of all, thaks for the reply.


Yestarday I have discovered the --ftp option on redir, but it is only working with passive ftp and I need active ftp too or many brainless users will call here.


The OpenVPN is killing me cose it is stabilishing the connection but only ping is working the rest simple don't do, don't log to message with the firewall, simple nothing, extremely strange.


But the ssh tunnel is something that I forgot and seens a good idea. I'll try to redirect a port with ssh from my old server to my new server, if it works all ok, I probally will do a cool script to let us set and a easy way how many ports we need. (So I'll made the script available.)


Here I have 160 domais and at least 3 times this of users that use mail and at least 4 to 5 times this users that use ftp (imagem thay call here hehe... will be a hell).


I will try the ssh right now and will post the results here.


Again, thanks!

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Now I tryed a lot of redir and ssh but nothing.


With ssh tunnels I tryed like in http://www.castaglia.org/proftpd/doc/contr...-HOWTO-SSH.html and nothing.


I tryed ssh -f -N -L *:21:localhost:21 allan@ and *:21: allan@ with and without port 20 too, the login goes ok,

but when I try a dir, with active mode I got:

ftp> dir

200 PORT command successful

425 Unable to build data connection: Connection refused


and with passive mode I got:

ftp> dir

227 Entering Passive Mode (200,211,7,9,136,132).

(eternely silence here and the need of ^C to quit).



Extremely frustrating, because with any other service it works, only the old stupid ftp is stoping me to have sucess! :wall::cry::cheeky:



Any clue? Thanx!

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I have alredy migrated and the best alternative, better talking, the only thing I have found is the redir 0.7, not the latest redir.

I think that this redir, the 0.7, is the last one touched only by the creator, the latest one can't do ftp, maybe it is bugged, don't know.

I have found this version on solucorp site, the home of linuxconf.


Here is the howto and link: http://www.solucorp.qc.ca/howto.hc?projet=linuxconf&id=4


It is a litle unstable but usable if you take care of it. But I don't have sure of that instability because the machine I have used to do this becomes unstable it self for a month or two. I alredy have to do a shorewall restart some times, and now a have to do a ifdown and ifup on the redir ip alias because this ip is stoping to respond some times, in true only on high usages.


So I don't have sure if it is only this stupid unstable machine or the redir too.


If you test and discovery the truth post it here to community.


Good lock. :thumbs:

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I have changer the redir from that stupid unstable machine to a good one and now everything is ok.

The redir 0.7 is pretty much stable and is redirecting my ftp, smtp, pop3, http and mysql requisitions to the new server. :D

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