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Show off your desktop Jan 2006


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download ish-SELECTED metacity

------2 January 2006

-Changed Title and button background


-New metacity...Color from gtk theme. Only buttons are images (svg) so it is faster!

-added SELECTED version where the buttons get their color from the gtk theme (like Blendish). Buttons are pixmap. See 2nd Screenshot. Get the Clearlooks-Cairo theme and others here;


-Happy New Year!

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Arctic, how did you get gdesklets working with mandy, been banging my head over that one for a while now?

1. urpmi the basic gdesklets file (with all its dependencies) and go to the gdesklets website. Then select the tool/applet/eye-candy that you want to include.

2. Open the gdesktlets managing tool once you have the daemon running in the taskbar (right click on gdesklets-icon in taskbar, then select "manage Desklets").

3. Now drag and drop the link or the tar.gz file from your browser into the gdesklets window. It will be installed automatically.


The last thing you need to do is to start the plugin by double clicking on it and configuring it to your tastes. Easy, eh? Oh, and for automatically starting the tools, include gdesklets to the starting apps in gnome (system -> preferences -> gnome -> advanced ->sessions).


Don't use the gdesklet-plugins (like starterbar) that are available on the urpmi-mirrors. Most of them are broken.

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