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Transparent mouse cursor graphic problem?


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I already try changing the theme for the cursor under "config yor desktop" with no change. I even tried the cursor that is red in color, looking to see if it will change but it didn't change all do I have to say that the size of the arrow did change from small to large but not the color. The friking transparent yellowish color still there and is driving me crazy.



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Last thing I did was to update the Xorg X11 to version 6.9 which I read have the corrections to this problem but I still have the problem in my system. I don't know what else to do or maybe something I have to edit in my system or erase perhaps. Can any one lend me a hand in getting this problem fix? I'm really tired of looking at my cursor and not able to see it when I'm passing over white backgrounds.



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I'm having the exact same problem (can't see the semi-transparent mouse cursors) with an old ATI 7000 card in Mandriva 2006 Free. I've successfully installed new icons (the shapes change), and I've edited the index.theme file so that it inherits KDE-Classic, but nothing changes that transparent color.


Is this a driver issue? Anyone able to change the color or their curors, like, to red-glass?


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I think I encountered your problem during my 2006 setup. When I changed screen resolution (in the control center - monitor) from 16bit color to 64bit color I got what it sounds like you've got. Changed it back and things returned to normal. That resolution on my 10.0 Official on exactly this same hardware worked fine - not sure what the problem is on 2006. Reducing the color bits just may work for you, unless you need the 64bit color.......


Hope it helps -- Roger

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Thanks for the tip, but it doesn't seem to have worked.

I have this vague memory that at install time I configured the ATI card to use 64 bit color. KDE tells me now that it was at 16 bit. Changing it back and forth gave me some pretty florescent backgrounds, but did not change the cursor (it's still transparent) when I rebooted.


I also have a vague memory Mandrake/Mandriva has perennially had difficulties in changing the graphics "on-the-fly" and one has to go through the re-install to change it.



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Guest cyclic_redundancy_check

Re Transparent (barely useable) cursor


I have this problem also

It seems that no sucessful solution has been posted?

I have 2 other machines build from the same 2006 distribution.

The problem machine has a newer ATI Radeon

The ok machines have older ATI Radeons

Is this the pattern?

Is there a problem with trasparent cursors with newer Radeon cards?

Please can anyone help?


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