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Hey all


I've done really stupid - my Yahoo POP email account was recently having some downloading issues to my Thunderbird email client. Anyway, I managed to delete the account - big oops!- losing all my emails . To be honest, most of them I can do without, but there were a couple which I'd like to rescue if at all possible.


Looking at .Thunderbird I have 2 mail.yahoo.co.uk folders - 1 being the new account I re-created and the other related to the account I deleted.


Inside the deleted account folder are various docs: looking at Sent.msf I can retrieve a number of messages in text format - opens with KWrite: (a lot of space is just continuous lines of characters which I assume are associated attachments?)


However, opening (clicking on the icon) Inbox.msf just presents continous strings of characters - no obvious messages are apparent. If I copy this into the new account (replacing the other Inbox.msf) nothing happens either (for some reason I imagined that Thunderbird would open them).


Anybody aware of a way I can retrieve these messages in either text format with KWrite or even through Thunderbird itself?

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