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Doom3 and Quake4 [solved]

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Hi there,


I started to migrate my games (for which I needed windows until recently) to linux. I must admit it is quite a succes. So far I play cold war, doom3 and quake 4.


The graphic part of the games work great only limited by my Gfx card (fx 5700 128Mb). The result is great ...




On coldwar the sound is great, no problem there. On Quake 4 the sounf is weird, metallic voices and obvious problems (as in it sound not normal), whereas for doom 3 there is no sound at all!


I had a good look at the different forums for each game and nothing too specific on my problem. I run mandriva powerpack dvd 2006 and have all my rpms up to date.


The message for doom 3 is as follow:


----------- OSS Sound Initialization -----------

opened sound device '/dev/dsp'

/dev/dsp - bit rate: 16, channels: 2, frequency: 44100

WARNING: mmap 57344 bytes on device /dev/dsp failed: Input/output error


close sound device

WARNING: sound subsystem disabled


I had a look at my alsamixer and all looks ok except the nob for surround which is on 0 and un-movable.


I wonder if anyone had an idea on where else to look into my config to find the bug, probably a problem alsa/oss?






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sorry :


[root@linuxbox stephane]# urpmi aoss

The package(s) are already installed

[root@linuxbox stephane]#


anything else i can try please?

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I got odd sound problems with doom3-demo. I found launching it with:


doom3-demo +set s_driver oss


sorted them out. Not sure if this will help as your error message suggests it was already trying to use OSS but I guess it may be worth a try?

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Thanks, I tried that as well and same result I m afraid!


But! At last it is working fine thanks to the 1.3 patch! All works fine, including nice tweakes which really improve my fps!


Stef :banana:

Edited by sjaglin@yahoo.co.uk

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Well, to solve the sound problem AND improve the FPS in both Doom3 and Quake4 under Linux, you have to find the .cfg file in your home/yourname directory and tweak a few things (like set the sound driver to oss and use the cahe for gfx rendering...etc).


It is all explained at :








Hope it helps!!



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