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mouse stops working after installing eagle_usb


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Hi people.


I have just installed Mandriva 2006 (power pack).


After installing the eagle ADSL usb driver (the driver that comes on the DVD) and rebooting my mouse doesn't work.


I cannot re set it up using the mandrake control center, it isn't detected.


After uninstalling the driver the mouse comes back.


Anyone know how to sort this?


Here are my specs


Athlon XP 3000

Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard (BIOS 1013)

512 MB

Nforce 2

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I have now go it working (am now online in Mandriva 2006).


Here is what i did


- Did a clean reformat

- installled Mandriva 2006 using the following command - linux noapic noacpi

- I installed the system without the ADSL modem in.

- I used force no APIC and i disabled ACPI in the boot loader

- Installed the package using MCC

- selected not to connect at boot (it does though anyway !!)

- did not test the connection (i really think this is important, otherwise the modem doesn't properly turn off - the only way to turn it off is to load windows then shutdown.)

- rebooted


I was online with working mouse


(the mouse was USB BTW - i should have mentioned that)

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