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Xara Xtreme?


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It's not comparable to PS and PSP - it's a competitor to Illustrator and then some. Read their site.

On linux the best in vector graphics is inkscape, and they mention inkscape quite a bit.


All in all, I'm not sure this is a good move - read the reactions of the inkscape developers, most likely inkscape will profit more than xara...

But I do hope they will continue to make money, the power to them!

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Yeah, I did check the site out a bit further after posting and realised it was a vector prog - the front page and features page confused me into thinking it was more of a PS / PSP replacement. :(


Surely there is a broader issue of competition as well? Obviously, the open source nature of Inkscape (and soon to be Xara) obfuscates the 'competition is good!' cliche, but if it pushes both packages more.. Also, GPLing Xara will allow Xara developers to use GPLed code from Inkscape (as well as the other way around), though how that would affect the non-OS / non-free Windows version, I haven't got a clue (surely they'd have to open source that if they were to port back any improvements??)

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This code reuse is the issue - the xara developers want to be able to keep the windows version closed. Read their FAQ, read the slashdot reactions, read the inkscape developers commentaries.

So they want to be given copyright of the code they incorporate, so that they can release it under win as closed proprietary code.


I like it that they reach out their hand to Linux users, inkscape developers, but somehow I think this doesn't add up.


FLOSS is good for service providers - either in-house developers or external. But for companies that have the pure software as a product?

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