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Show off your Desktop (October 2005)


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Show off your desktop - October 2005


Show your cool Desktop(s) to the rest of us!

Every DEs and distros are welcome!


A good way to do this (if you have some web space) is to make two files of your screenshot. One in original size and one in 400x300 pix size.

Example: The original screenshot you call October2005.jpg and the small one for PreOctober2005.jpg

Upload them to your web space.

Here's how you do: (url=/webspace/blah/blah/October2005.jpg)(img)/webspace/blah/blah/PreOctober2005.jpg(/img)(/url)

Replace "(" and ")" with "[" and "]"

Now you have a cool way to show your screenshot(s).

Enjoy ^^



.:=The AI Dude=:.

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fluffy is cute! Yours? I used to have a shitsu...she was wonderful!


I wish Fluffy was mine. He is the cutest dog I've ever seen. I discovered this picture while looking around at blogs and someone had found it on the internet and wanted to share it.


You can get it from here http://thisisfluffy.ytmnd.com/

This is what you get when you google Fluffy apparently he is popular http://www.google.com/search?q=%22This+is+...n-US:unofficial

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Hi there, as the saying goes "nothing special" Im running KDE 3.3.2 on MDV 10.2 in twin monitor mode running to seperate desktops & I can't believe how helpful having all that space really is!!




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Gasp, shock, horror!!!!


I'm using gnome!


The GTK is a rip of a clearlooks theme in 2006, in the progress of "colouring it up", cos of course ah'm a colourful guy :cheeky:


Anyone wishing to know who the fit ginge is, Amy Nuttal, she who should be worshiped by all men!



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