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Linux support for OpenDocuments

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OpenDocuments is becomming the standard of office productivity files. Linux is the platform that supports most of the office suite that already support the odf.


My project intend to make linux libraries that will make odf manipulation from the command line.


So the project will be creating a libodf libraries and a odf-tools on a similar way the vorbis-tools, swftools, mpeg-tools, wp-tools etc...


odf-tools will have tools to read odf into stout, to list and transform the metadata of the odf files.


So for example you will type:


odcomment -t 'My OpenDocument File' -s 'office suites' -k 'opendocuments oasis openoffice.org' -c 'this is a comment' myodf.odt


-t = title

-s = subject

-k = keywords

-c = comments

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