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recommend a mobo


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So, I did something dumb, and I am now stuck with a 1GB dimm of DDR400 REGISTERED memory that can't be returned. As some of you know, registered memory doesn't work in most motherboards. I was planning on building a new pc this fall anyway, so can any of you reccomend a motherboard that supports registered memory, AMD64 and pci express x16?



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Don't feel bad. I had to add ram to a Compaq server that said it needed registered memory, but it really didn't!! Incidently, I used TigerDirect, who swapped it back for me.

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We all do stupid things :)


When I decided to build my Mini-ITX box, I bought the mother board and the case on internet, only making sure there was a PCI slot for the TV card to come.

Then I bought the TV card: it did not fit, and I had to change it for a low-profile PCTV Stereo, which is very basic, without any hardware compression...


No need to say: my recording abilities went down quite a bit...

Stupid, isn't it?



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