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Audigy and midi in Mandriva 2005LE


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This is probably more of an annoyance than a bug. I have recently upgraded to Mandriva 2005LE from Mandrake 10.0 In Mandrake 10.0 I had no problems with my Soundblaster Audigy. I had included the command to load a soundfont during boot in my rc.local file. So when the system first came up and running I could simply open my music composition program (Noteworthy Composer running under wine) and write and listen to the music. Unfortunately in Mandriva 2005LE this is not the case. I have to configure my desktop -> Sound -> play with the midi output. Then i can load a soundfont. Would anyone know why this is? how could i configure my pc so that it will load at boot? It does not seem to me that the ALSA driver works 100% right after boot. It seems that Arts has taken over. Like I said, more of an annoyance than a bug.

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