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resize incons in Evolution?


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I must be searching wrong or using wrong phrase, but is there any way to change the size of the icons in evolution? I am running Mandriva LE2005 and Evolution 2.0.4. My resolution is 800x600.

I can resize text size in the pager, but the icons (and text under them) are huge. In fact, when I open tools/settings the window is so large that I can't click on the close button on the bottom right of screen. I run 800x660 on all my systems ( a bunch) with evolution and I have this problem only on mandriva and fedora.

Is there any way to change the size of the icons in mandy?

Same settings in Debian, SuSE, and Slackware look great (fwiw).

Thanks :)



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Thanks arctic, I will try that.

I also found out that it is somehow related to kde. I changed to xfce-4.2.? and everything in evolution (icons/text) is smaller. I can see the whole screen under tools/settings :)

Again, I will try what you mention, but why would evolution (using kde) be so different in different distros? Is it the package maintainer for the different distros that decides which icon size is default? Just curious and don't understand :)

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