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Tux key (try this!)


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Here is some news that will shock you.  Microsoft do not manufacture any keyboards or Mice. They are mostly manufactured by LOGITECH under contract for Microsoft.  In fact nearly all Microsoft products are manufactured by other reputable manufacturers. 


It would surprise me if M'ft even had much to do with the designs either. They cannot design a stable and reliable OS so I can't see them designing the sleek professional hardware carrying their name.


I use Logitech Keyboards and Mice and have never had a problem or been disappointed.


Cheers.                        John.


All the more reason to not worry about buying them then! Do you have any links or anything to back this up John?

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hmmm... never heard that one before, I'd also like some supporting links.


I have a Microsoft mouse and keyboard because I got them for 'free' as part of some lame OEM deal when I bought my last computer. To be honest though, the mouse is argubly the best I've ever owned and the keyboard is really nice. *shrug* You won't catch me using their OS though (got World of Warcraft running super-smooth in Linux with Cedega this weekend. yay!)

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I read it some time ago, back when I wasn't so anti microsoft and its issues.

I have found one link so far by googling:



Here is another:


and another



I guess there are more details if one searches enough.



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