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Guest Sherjakt-Flawke

Porting to PSP

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Guest Sherjakt-Flawke

Some of you might have a PSP, some of you might not. I do have one, and I tell you, it is great. I never ever played a single PSP game, but all the apps available for it, it is just amazing. I can play Phantasy Star on a Genesis emulator, then just to SNES, and play Chrono Trigger. I can paint, browse the web, go on IRC or MSN. Use it as a controller through PVNC. But that is a bit off topic. I was just wandering, if any of you would be interested in porting emulators or programs, perhaps even write them, on the PSP. I know that you can use both C and LUA write things, not sure about C++. I started porting VLC a while back, and it is coming along well. (I started to port Winamp 3 and 5 earlier, but the situation got too messy, so just dropped the project.) I choose VLC, because it is open-source, and second, I only have to port the main player, and add the plugin functionality, and the codecs then won't need any modifying. That is my project, I would like to know if anyone else is working on anything? Or if you want to start something, just tell it here.


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